How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod

iPod is well received as a fantastic music player. If you are in possess of an iPod, it will be convenient for you to enjoy listening to the music no matter where you are. As we all know, it’s quite easy to transfer music to iPod by connecting it with iTunes. By doing this, you might have a synchronous replica on your iPod. Nevertheless, when you are in need of transferring your music to iPod from PC, this approach is not workable.

How lucky you are to come across iOS Data Transfer which is of great help for you to move music to iPod. Unlike iTunes, iOS Data Transfer makes music transfer process much more easy without cause any damage to the original data. Not only the music files, but also those information including artist, album ratings can be transferred. Music can also be copied in the form of Smart Code which is used to jump those copied music in the transfer process.

iOS Data Transfer – the best music transfer app for your iPod

Read through the following guide below and you can quickly command the method of transferring music to your iPod form computer with the help of iOS Data Transfer. Music transfer to iPod Shuffle, iPod touch, iPod nano and more is attainable as well. What you need to do is to download it and run its installation procedure with ordinary operation.

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How to transfer music to iPod from Computer

Step 1. Build the connection between your iPod and computer

Have the software which you have installed in advance gotten to work. Connect your iPod with the computer by using USB cable. The home window will show you your iPod model after the detection.

Step 2. Move music to iPod from PC

The media panel will show up on the right side as soon as you click the "Media" button in the column on the left. What to do next is to click the "Music" button which is located on the top line. By clicking the "Add" button, the music in your iPod can be input in the window of music management. There is an important point that you should guarantee that your iPod is connected in a good condition during this process.

iOS Data Transfer can conduct the operation of playlists transfer as well. You can see a window like the former one after clicking the "Playlist" button which is beneath the "Media". The playlists transfer process is the same as the music transfer one. Then you need to pick the item of "Add Playlist from Computer" after clicking the button "Add". You can choose to save them in the path you want. The whole process will be finished in several seconds.

These are the simple steps for you to learn how to move music to your iPod from computer. Moreover, iOS Data Transfer supports not only iPod, but also a variety of models including iPod touch and iPod Classic. Hurry up, download it right now and have a try!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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