How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Nowadays people pursue iPhone, especially the younger. Some of them use iPhone just for fun. However, they don’t know how to transfer their data from old Android phone to iPhone in a simple way. So, Phone Transfer is much needed in this case.

What is Phone Transfer? Actually, it is a wonderful mobile transfer tool, which can help you copy contacts, messages, photos and music between two phones even they don’t under the same system. With the efficiency of Phone Transfer, you can transfer all the data with few minutes. Phone transfer software is strong enough to transfer data between iOS, Android and Symbian Smartphone with ease and without any damage. Why don’t you download the trial version and have a try?

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This passage is going to teach you to transfer data from Android to iPhone. However, Phone Transfer is not just for Android and iPhone, it can also help you transfer data between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phone. Now, read the following guidance to solve your problem as quickly as possible

How to Transfer Data from Android Phone to iPhone

Step 1. Run the program and select a mode

After installing and running Phone Transfer program on your computer, you will get the primary interface as below. You need to select a mode, here, let’s choose "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Note: Transfer data between phones with Phone Transfer program, iTunes need to installed on the computer.

Step 2. Connect Your Android and iPhone to the computer

Now, connect both of your Android phone and iPhone to the same computer via two USB cables. After your phones are detected by the Phone Transfer program, you will see them shown in the following window. You should make sure that they are in the right places, or the "Flip" button can help you exchange their positions.

Step 3. Begin to transfer data from Android to iPhone

The last step, select the content in the transfer window that you want to transfer, like contacts, photos, videos, text messages or other data, and then click the "Start Copy" button to begin data transferring.

Everything is done. Transfer your data between Android and iPhone just in 3 steps. You can follow the similar steps to copy your photos, videos, contacts, text messages, etc. between iPhone, iPad and Android phone with the help of Phone Transfer.

Why not download the free trial version of it to have a try right now!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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