How to Transfer Contacts from LG to iPhone

When iPhone was put into the market, it suddenly arouse public attention. iPhone becomes more and more popular gradually for its fashionable design and amazing functions. Eventually, people begin to buy a new iPhone to replace the old LG.

When you get a new iPhone, you should extract the important content like contacts from you LG phone and save them on iPhone. As we know, these two phones support different playing formats contribute to the two operate system. Phone Transfer plays quite an important role in this situation. It can be easily copy content from LG to the iOS devices like iPhone. The content are consist of contacts, pictures, messages and so on. All these can be transferred without data loss.

Choose the right version of your computer to download.

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How to Copy/Transfer LG Phone Contacts to iPhone

Step 1. Download, Install and Run the Transfer App

Download the Phone Transfer software on your computer, then install and run it. You will get a main interface as follow, choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode.

Step 2. Connect your LG Phone and iPhone

Connect LG phone and iPhone to the same computer with two USB cables. You will see your LG phone placed on the left as "Source" phone, while iPhone shown on the right as "Destination" phone. If not, you can click "Flip" button to chance their positions.

Note: If you want to delete your iPhone contacts before transfer, you can use the "Clear data before copy" tap.

Step 3. Begin to transfer data

Now, you should check "Contact" option and click "Start Copy" to begin the transferring. Please keep both your phones connected during the whole transfer process.

Note: You can also choose other data like photo, videos and text messages and copy them.

Finishes! Is it so simple to transfer your data? Phone Transfer is your first choice to transfer data between Android Phone and iDevices!
Why not download it and share your precious photos or videos with your friends!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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